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We recognize that there is no roadmap that shows the best way to navigate your cancer journey. Your type of cancer and how your body responds to treatment are specific to you as an individual. SOUL RYEDERS is committed to supporting survivors with information to guide you through your recovery and beyond. These resources are compiled from our SOUL STRONG Monthly Workshops. The benefits of additional research and education will provide you with new tools for your tool box of resources to positively enhance your daily life.

SOUL Fit for Survivors
Contact Name: Heidi Kitlas
Credentials: SOUL RYEDERS SOUL STRONG Program Manager and Super Sprint Finisher!

Are you ready to challenge your physical and emotional self with the support of the SOUL STRONG community? Have you been attending Yoga4Cancer classes? Do you walk, jog or go to the gym on your own or with friends?

Learn about the SOUL RYEDERS SOUL Fit program for survivors and talk to those who have made the journey through treatment to participate in organized walks and races. Elevate your heart, body and SOUL by learning more about the benefits of physical activity for your body and mind and get inspired to take the next step!

Yoga4Cancer (y4c)
Contact Name: Janet Muller & Stephanie Gould
Credentials: y4c certified instructors

Yoga4Cancer classes are different than other yoga classes and specific for those going through and after cancer treatment. It is a methodology developed by Tari Prinster designed specifically for cancer patients and survivors at all stages of the cancer journey. The classes will invigorate the body, calm the mind, alleviate fear of recurrence and embrace the spirit. Certified Yoga for Cancer instructors provide 3 classes each week, including a new Y4C - Strength class, through SOUL RYEDERS and share their expertise to support where you are in your cancer journey. Poses learned in class can be used to incorporate in your daily practice. All classes are held at Beyond Yoga with Janet, 22 Purchase Street, Rye, NY.


Contact Name: Randee and Tony Polito
Credentials: Founders, Pilates Studio of Rye

The Pilates method of exercise offers a total body workout enhancing quality of life through improving strength, flexibility, control, coordination, body awareness and stamina. By strengthening your core muscles, every move you make in your daily routine is supported and will transform the way you stand, sit, walk, lift, and breathe every day. A strong body creates a strong mind to function through your daily life with a different outlook. Randee and Tony look forward to sharing their knowledge with each of you.

The Importance of Exercise and Movement During and After Treatment for Optimal Recovery
Contact Name: Stephanie Kiley
Credentials: Occupational Therapist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Learning how to move your body after surgery, radiation and/or reconstruction can be challenging and scary. Stephanie guides patients through this process, allowing them to recover as best as possible. She will explain how the entire body is connected and we will learn stretches that can help alleviate painful scars, reconstructed areas, neck and shoulder pain. Handouts of all exercises will be included. Stephanie Dessi Kiley is an occupational therapist and certified lymphedema therapist with over 17 years of experience working with patients who have had oncology treatment. She works with patients during all phases of their treatment - before, during and after, depending on their needs. She feels strongly about patient education and teaching patients to be as proactive as possible.


Medical Marijuana
Contact Name: Dr. Lynn Parodneck
Credentials: Licensed physician & certified medical marijuana prescriber in New York State

With the passage of The Compassionate Care Act by Governor Cuomo in January 2014, health care providers can recommend the use of medical marijuana under carefully controlled circumstances to help alleviate symptoms caused by certain diseases, including cancer. This is a legal option for symptomatic relief for the diseases for which it is available. Qualifying conditions include: Cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS, Parkinson’s, MS, Spinal cord injury with spasticity, Epilepsy, Inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s Disease, Neuropathy, Huntington’s Disease, Chronic Pain, PTSD. Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 after a routine mammogram/sonogram. A graduate of New York Medical College she completed her internship at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village, NYC. She completed her residency in OB/Gyn at NYU/Bellevue and was in private practice in Manhattan. She currently resides and practices in the Mount Kisco area.


Discovering Your Resilience and Strength through Visualization and Meditation
Contact Name: Jackie Berner & Julie Engerran
Credentials: Jackie is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor & Julie is a student of yoga, meditation and mindfulness
Websites: and

In this workshop, Jackie and Julie shared their knowledge of meditation and resiliency to help create balance in our lives through ritual. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” Cancer survivors know this all too well. We will unpack the many ways you can tap into your inner strength, share tools that help you manage anxiety, and connect to your joy while helping you foster self-compassion both during your cancer journey and for the rest of your life. The workshop included an introduction to mindfulness and a discussion on personal resilience, techniques and practices to foster your own resilience, a practice meditation, and tools to help in our daily lives. Jackie Berner is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor, a long-time meditator, and yoga practitioner. She is passionate about sharing the simple act of paying attention to our thoughts and breath, which help bring presence into our daily lives. Julie Engerran has been a student of yoga, meditation and mindfulness for nearly 20 years. After a cancer diagnosis, she began to more rigorously study positive psychology and human flourishing and is drawn to the role of mindfulness and purpose in personal resilience and organizational transformation.


Managing Sleep and Stress After Cancer
Contact Name: Dr. Marni Amsellem
Credentials: Clinical psychologist

Dr. Amsellem specializes in helping individuals who are adjusting to a medical diagnosis, health-related challenges, or other transitions. In this workshop, she discusses how our psychological functioning affects how we respond to stressful situations as well as our sleep. She will address ways we can build resilience to cope with challenges now and in the future.

Living Beyond Your Story
Contact Name: Aimee Elsner
Credentials: occupational therapist, a 200-RYT, Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher, and is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

What happens when life stops you in your tracks? Do you just bail out and run away as fast as you can and let someone else take care of it? Or do you stand tall, dig your feet in and find the courage to move through the next chapter of life? Learn how to recharge and set future goals that YOU will ACHIEVE. It’s time to live life as who you are not as what your story has been.

Myofascial Release (MFR)
Contact Name: Maureen McCloskey
Credentials: Occupational therapist, a 200-RYT, Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher, and is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a therapy that addresses restrictions and imbalances of the body, specifically in the muscles and connective tissue. It is used to heal and promote wellness, eliminate pain, restore movement and function, and improve every day performance. Self-treatment using a small ball can be taught and practiced. Maureen McCloskey is the owner of BodieMotion, (located in Rye Brook, NY) where she helps people heal better and faster. She is looking forward to helping everyone Feel and Release Fascial restrictions to achieve ease and flow for better health.

Energy Healing
Contact Name: Joan Carra
Credentials: Spiritual counselor

The mind can be the most powerful doctor. Learn to understand the messages from your body and talk to each cell to create harmony and healing. Exercises include ways to sensitize your hands to see, feel and give subtle vibrations to yourself and others. Joan Carra shares guidance on matters of the heart and is also gifted medium. Joan’s spiritual counseling is recognized in six books including the first edition of The 100 Top Psychics in America, Psychic New York, and The Rational Psychic. Joan is available for private readings that include cards, palms and numerology.

Essential Oils
Contact Name: Robin Spiegel's
Credentials: Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and energy worker

Fragrance can be soothing and promote powerful effects on your physical and mental state. Aromatherapy uses concentrated natural oils from flowers, leaves, roots, and other parts of a plant to enhance your well-being. Specific oils can lower stress, boost energy, alleviate headaches, evoke pleasant memories, relieve pain, or help in many other ways. Essential oils have shown to be effective at managing the side effects of cancer. Robin utilizes sound healing, essential oils, chakra balancing, flower essences, gemstones and more in her practice. For the past 30 years, Robin has supported her clients to reach their highest potential through spiritual counseling, inspiration, empowerment, compassion and healing.

Relax, Renew & Rejuvenate with Sound Healing & Gentle Yoga
Contact Name: Karin Reetz, Reiki Master, Sound Healer and Stephanie Gould
Credentials: CYT, IAYT Yoga Therapist
Karin is a Reiki Master and Sound Healer & Stephanie is a CYT, IAYT Yoga Therapist
Websites: and

Stephanie and Karin’s workshop was a special offering that left you feeling relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated.
The workshop included gentle yoga focused on decreasing stress with specialized breath work proven to reduce anxiety. The yoga was enhanced by the sound frequencies of multiple Tibetan singing bowls. The healing vibrations remove stress and retune body, mind and spirit to induce a deep state of relaxation where true healing becomes possible.

Nutrition for the Journey from Treatment through Survivorship
Contact Name: Heidi Pinsky
Credentials: MS, RD, CDN, Clinical Outpatient Dietitian, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Heidi Pinsky shares important information about eating well during and after cancer treatment. She discusses specific precautions for immunocompromised patients, as well as managing common side effects with nutritional modifications. In addition, Heidi covers two ‘hot topics’: supplement use during treatment and the myths surrounding sugar and cancer. Heidi graduated from New York University with a Masters of Science degree in nutrition and went on to Tulane University to complete her Dietetic Internship. She has been a Registered Dietitian for 17 years with an oncology focus for 7 years.


Clean Eating Bootcamp
Contact Name: Ania Dunlop
Credentials: MBA and Certified Holistic Health Coach

This bootcamp workshop included a hands-on cooking session with Ania. She is deeply passionate about prevention and has taught health and nutrition workshops to inspire and motivate individuals to live greener, cleaner lives. She teaches about clean, whole foods and focusing on planning meals around plants. When we take care of ourselves and are thoughtful about what we put into our bodies, we become more mindful of our impact on our surroundings and how the environment influences our well-being.

Styling Head Scarves
Contact Name: Marla
Credentials: SOUL RYEDERS Client

Watch Marla demonstrate 4 unique ways to wear a head wrap. Video courtesy of Coash Video Productions