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Caregivers include anyone – a spouse or partner, a sibling, a parent, a friend – who takes on significant responsibility of caring for someone with a cancer diagnosis.

Caregivers are frequently overlooked and usually stretched to capacity. As a caregiver, paying attention to your own health and well-bring is imperative. Being there for your loved one means taking care of yourself, too. That is why SOUL RYEDERS focuses on supporting those in this critical role.

We have programs designed to create community and connection among other caregivers. This network is vital. SOUL RYEDERS provides an empathetic ear during what can be a turbulent time. In the moments when you feel overwhelmed, our team at SOUL RYEDERS is here for you, providing coping strategies and information on how to be an effective and impactful caregiver.


If you are a caregiver looking for support or resources, we encourage you to fill out this brief form and one of our Client Navigators will be in touch with you shortly



We offer both traditional and non-traditional support groups throughout the year.


This weekly session is open to both Caregivers and those they are caring for.


Access some of our essential Caregivers Resources.



Are you caring for a loved one, a parent, a sibling, a friend who has a cancer diagnosis? SOUL RYEDERS can help. We offer initial one-on-one counseling with a professional Client Navigator who will help create a supportive environment for them from our unique programs and resources.

Fill out this brief form and someone will be in touch shortly.

If you or someone you know will be undergoing chemotherapy and experiencing hair loss, we may be able to help by providing one of our wigs to wear throughout treatment. While we have some brand new wigs in our inventory, we are especially proud to offer high quality wigs donated by survivors who want to pay it forward by helping newly diagnosed women. All gently used wigs are professionally cleaned and reconditioned, so they are completely hygienic and look brand new.

Are you undergoing treatment for cancer or know someone who is and would benefit from a complimentary, relaxing experience at a beauty salon in the company of others in a similar situation? Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS® may be medicine for the soul that we can deliver. We can help to restore dignity in a compassionate environment.

Yoga4Cancer (y4c) is a methodology researched and developed by Tari Prinster, designed specifically for cancer patients and survivors at all stages. SOUL RYEDERS’ y4c class is taught by y4c-certified instructors who are also cancer survivors. The class aims to invigorate the body, calm the mind, alleviate fear of recurrence, and embrace the spirit.

The work that you do means so much to so many people battling cancer, and I’ve seen first-hand how much it has meant to my daughter. From The Wig Exchange to SOUL Mondays to special care packages and just being a great resource and wonderful listener, your outpouring of care and support makes a devastating journey more bearable – and even adds joy and meaning where it didn’t seem possible.

Medical treatment, research and process is obviously extremely important, but your work of supporting those affected and also their family, friends and caregivers is equally important. If we can’t get out of bed and face the day, how can we help our friends?