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Sandy Samberg from Rye, NY participates in the 39-mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in memory of one friend and in honor of another. Two friends join her to walk in honor of their loved ones. She shares her idea of starting a team from Rye for the 2007 walk.


Inaugural Sole Ryeders team of 35 women from Rye use the soles of their feet in the fight against breast cancer and raise over $100,000.


Sole Ryeders organizes its first education and awareness event, Wisdom & Wine, featuring a prominent breast radiologist.


Sole Ryeders establishes its own organization, develops a grant program, and begins awarding funds to support specific initiatives at several local, cancer-related, non-profit organizations.


Sole Ryeders joins the Westchester Cancer Coalition and starts supporting community members with any type of cancer.


In response to repeated wig requests from those undergoing cancer treatment as well as those seeking to donate their wigs, the idea for The Wig Exchange forms.


The Wig Exchange launches, serving 32 women in the first year and receiving over 1,000 wig donations.


Sole Ryeders initiates Strand Together hair donation events and Stitch & Sip evenings.


Sole Ryeders launches Mondays with Sole Ryeders, Wigs Without Borders®, and its TieTheTownPink awareness campaign.


Sole Ryeders officially changes its name to SOUL RYEDERS to reflect its evolution and commitment to touching the souls of those affected by cancer. SOUL RYEDERS initiates the Giving Circle, a kids team for the Westchester Triathlon, SOUL Cares, and its SOUL STRONG survivor program.


SOUL RYEDERS launches Big Batch cooking sessions, Yoga 4 Cancer classes and the SOUL Kids & Teens initiative. SOUL Fit grows to encompass the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the kids team for the Westchester Triathlon while adding new teams for the Making Strides Walk and the Adult Westchester Triathlon. SOUL RYEDERS creates the SOUL Healing program to provide additional complementary therapy options and initiates a Caregivers program.


SOUL RYEDERS officially becomes a 501c3 nonprofit organization and dedicates a meditative labyrinth in Rye Town Park as a thank you to the community for 10 years of support.