SOUL RYEDERS is incredibly fortunate to have a diverse network of dedicated and passionate donors committed to supporting the organization. All Giving Circle members have the opportunity to help shape and guide SOUL RYEDERS’ mission by volunteering their time and expertise, as well as serving on the Grant Committee. A three-year pledge commitment provides SOUL RYEDERS with the funding necessary to sustain our ongoing programs. The Giving Circle also provides a social network, leadership development, personal engagement, learning opportunities, and philanthropic role modeling for others — including the next generation. Annual events include the Get Together to Give Together cocktail party and a Giving Circle hike and celebration.


A Giving Circle is a group of like-minded, philanthropic people who collectively commit to support a specific cause or area of interest. Participants realize that their combined donations offer a more immediate and significant contribution to the mission. SOUL RYEDERS’ Giving Circle Members contribute a minimum of $1,000 per year for three years ($3,000 minimum) to help us sustain, improve and expand our various SOUL RYEDERS programs. Some members simply donate money, while others also volunteer their time and professional experience. Regardless of each participant’s level of involvement, all members have the opportunity to make a difference in the community.


To ensure the long-term sustainability of our programs and services, SOUL RYEDERS launched a formal Giving Circle in 2015. While we continue to pursue other fundraising options and are appreciative of donations in any amount, the Giving Circle offers a more predictable and sustainable fundraising model that helps us better support our organization’s growing ambition to offer robust programs and services to those in need. Current contributions range from $1,000 to $50,000 a year. Prospective members are welcome to visit our office for a tour and to discuss more details regarding the Giving Circle’s impact on the organization.


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“As a founding member of the Giving Circle, my husband and I have been proud of our contribution to the financial sustainability of SOUL RYEDERS. Through my recent cancer diagnosis their programs and survivor volunteer network have been incredibly helpful. I now fully understand the impact of their personal attention to each client and how the numerous connections they provide create a much larger circle of support and hope.’ Kim Veber, Giving Circle member”

“I am lucky to be able to support an organization like SOUL RYEDERS. To have an organization in our own community that helps so many individuals is amazing. I have referred clients to SOUL RYEDERS and they have been welcomed with kind, loving, support. Cancer knows no boundaries, economics, race, or age. As a contributing member of the giving circle, I am able to help SOUL RYEDERS continue and expand their mission. It is gratifying to be able to see first-hand where and how my donation is being used.’ Maureen Angelastro, Giving Circle member.”