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is challenging and life-changing. From the day you are diagnosed, you are a survivor and SOUL RYEDERS developed SOUL STRONG to help educate and empower survivors from that moment forward. This program is created for those who are ready to explore a variety of activities, enhance their physical and mental health, and find new meaning and purpose in their lives.

SOUL STRONG supports individuals as they redefine their lives and helps build a sense of community among participants. The program focuses on wellness: exercise, nutrition, meditation, and emotional support for cancer survivors. A dedicated team of compassionate facilitators, who are experts in their fields, provide strategies and daily practices to revitalize the mind and body. Workshops and classes provide valuable tools for your body and mind along with the supportive environment that comes from a group setting. Participants have the opportunity to strengthen their resilience and transform their daily lives


Our weekly Meditation & Conversation sessions are open to clients and caregivers. If you have never tried meditation, we have included one of our recent meditation only sessions below...find a quiet, comfortable place and spend a few minutes to discover for yourself the benefits of quiet, guided meditation. 

Experience One of Our Meditation Sessions for Yourself


Want to stay informed about SOUL RYEDERS’ upcoming workshops, classes and additional available resources?


This program meets on Wednesdays and includes a guided meditation followed by a chance to talk with the practitioners. Directly following the meditation, there is a facilitated discussion group focused on the impact of a cancer diagnosis and coping skills.


Rosen Movement is a system of range of motion and stretching exercises that encourage relaxation. This gives cancer patients the opportunity to connect with their bodies in a healthy way; like a reclamation of the healthy parts of you. For clients only.

“I wanted to share with you that Yoga for Cancer is beyond wonderful! You run a very special class. Sure you have heard how supportive and loving it is, but in addition….it is really a super yoga hour workout!!! Each participant, from basic all the way to advanced yogis, is supported. I can’t wait to get back once I get my clearance from my recent surgery. One of my favorite hours of the week.”

“Thank you for another great night of yoga! The feeling my body has through yoga and then socializing with everyone afterwards is just such a positive experience for me and keeps me coming back for more! Everyone is so warm and welcoming. SOUL RYEDERS has really made such a POSITIVE impact throughout my whole journey!”